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was 19 when I graduated.

More notes:  Two students get paired together for a science project.

Biology 101

Kyle Trager inwardly groaned as he looked up at the blackboard and saw the assignment.  Just great, it was a collaborative
work.  And the teacher would be picking the partners.  Kyle would much rather work alone, but it didn't look as if he'd be
given a choice here.  Maybe he could talk to Mrs. Walker after class.  But then again, she didn't much like going easy on the
students.  In fact, she seemed to take deliberate care to make each of her classes complete and utter torture.  Kyle supposed he
was just lucky that he had a photographic memory and had already read the textbook for this class during winter break.

Biology wasn't his favorite class, but he did find it rather interesting at times.  This particular project did sound like it would be
enjoyable, if not for the fact that he'd have to be partnered with someone.  He didn't really care for the other students in class.  
They didn't make fun of him or anything.  But they didn't acknowledge him either.  He was a non-entity to the rest of the
school's population, except for his small circle of friends, who were just as easily overlooked by everyone else as he was.

The class got to choose from a variety of options.  They'd have the rest of class to discuss and choose which subject they
wanted to pursue.  And before they left today they'd choose.  Only one pair could do each project though, so it would be
advisable to pick a few secondary choices in case the one they wanted got taken by someone else.

He looked around the class, trying to gauge the worth of the other students.  There weren't very many that would guarantee
him a passing grade.  But there were those who would most certainly cause him to fail in an instant.  The majority of the
football team, for example.  Oh, there were a number of intelligent people on the team, but it seemed most of them weren't in
this particular class with him.

He didn't dare hope of getting Mickey Walters as his partner.  The guy was top of their year, and gave every indication that
he'd be valedictorian.  He always passed his tests, never scored below ninety-six percent on anything.  It would just be his
dumb luck to end up teamed with Mandy Carlson.  Honestly, the girl thought more about the condition of her nails than she did
the state of her grades.  He'd never seen her without an emery board in her hand.

Mrs. Walker entered the room then, just as the second bell rang.  She always came in at the same time, never any sooner or
later.  He had no idea how she timed it, but she was very punctual.  She closed the door behind herself and locked it.  There
was no getting into her class late.

"All right class, I assume you've read the board by now," she said, handing out sheets of paper to the first row of students and
leaving them to hand the rest back to the students behind them.  "I'll be pairing you up myself, and I don't want to hear anyone
whining about it."  Even as she said it, the class let out a groan.

Kyle took his paper when it got to him and handed the rest behind him.  He wasn't in the front, or in the back.  He was
somewhere in the middle, though he had chosen a seat nearest the windows lining one wall.

He looked over the paper, finding that it was basically a copy of what was on the chalkboard.  It was a list of the projects
available and a brief description of what would be required.  She wasn't the type of teacher to allow her student to choose their
own science projects for themselves.  No, she gave them a selection.  The school would be supplying all the necessary

He scanned the list and found only a couple that seemed to hold any interest for him, then looked around the room as Mrs.
Walker began pairing the class off, telling them to go and sit by their partners as she called them out.  When he heard his
named called, he looked up.

"You will be paired with..." She looked around the room before coming to a decision.  "Simon Delany."

Kyle looked over at the sound of a chair scraping across the floor.  He didn't remember ever seeing Simon Delany in this class
before.  But, then he really didn’t pay much attention to the other students when he could avoid it.  He knew that Simon was
new to the school though, a recent transfer from out of state.  Beyond that, he didn't know anything really.  Simon kept to
himself for the most part.  He had a group of friends outside of school, more well known and popular than Kyle's own friends.  
He was well-liked by most of the student body, including the jocks once it had been discovered that he had been on the football
team of his previous school.  He wasn't on the team here, but claimed it was his father's idea that he needed more study and
fewer sports.  The way he'd said it seemed as if he'd rather not listen to his father though.  The cheerleaders all flirted with
him, most especially Mandy Carlson who sat just behind him.

Kyle scooted his chair over to make room.  A moment later, he found himself watching his new partner's approach.

Simon was taller than him and not as skinny as Kyle was.  He wasn't overweight or bulky with muscles or anything.  But in
comparison to Kyle's rather skinny frame, Simon looked the epitome of health.  His skin was a healthy golden hue, whereas
Kyle was quite pale.  His hair was a soft blonde shade and pulled into a tidy, short ponytail behind his head.  Kyle's was pitch
black and quite short.  His features were perfection, his eyes a pale blue that just drew Kyle in completely.

Simon smiled as he pulled a chair over, dropping his backpack next to Kyle's feet as he gracefully slid into his seat.  "Hey," he
said simply.

Kyle smiled shyly and nodded his head in reply.  He turned away when he felt his cheeks beginning to warm.  He felt
embarrassed for the way he had been watching Simon.  It wasn't at all appropriate.  He'd never made it a secret that he was
gay, but he didn't advertise the fact either.  And he really didn't want anyone to notice those tendencies in him.  He'd rather not
become the subject of ridicule and he knew that his attraction to other boys would only garner him attention that he knew he
did not want.  For all he knew, Simon was the type to beat the shit out of him if he were to ever find out that Kyle had been
looking at him the way he had.

Simon cleared his throat.  "So any idea what you want to do?"

"Umm, well, there's a few interesting ones."  Kyle bit his lip, trying to keep his hands from shaking as he picked up the paper
and held it between them.  He focused his attention on it, though his eyes did wander now and again to the other's boy's jeans
and the way they clung to his thighs so snugly.  He idly wondered what it would be like to reach out and touch one of those
muscled legs.


"Huh?" Kyle jerked back with a start, blinking his eyes owlishly.  He brought a hand up to absently adjust his glasses, pushing
the thin frames further up his nose.  "Did you say something?"

"Yeah, I asked what you found interesting."  Simon was looking at him with a slight furrow in his brow.

Kyle felt like an idiot.  "Sorry."  He looked to the paper again and pointed out a few of his choices.  They discussed where the
project would be kept as it was going on and decided Simon's house would be better.  It was closer to school for one; and for
another Kyle didn’t think his mother would like the idea of mice in her house.  She was afraid of them.  Kyle remembered well
enough from the last time he'd had a similar project and was required to keep a rodent.  His mother had packed up and stayed
at Grandma's house until it was gone.

When class ended, Kyle was the one to go up to Mrs. Walker's desk and make their choice.  He was thankful to find that no
one else had chosen it.  When he went back to his desk, to get his bag and tell Simon, he also told the other boy that Mrs.
Walker had told him to come by after school that day to pick up their supplies.  Simon quickly scrawled his address on the
cover of Kyle's notebook and said he was free to come by and drop it off any time.

Kyle found himself blushing as he quickly shoved his books into his bag.  He made his way hastily out of the classroom, trying
to get away before Simon could notice.


At four o'clock, Kyle found himself standing on the porch of Simon's house, his arms loaded with a cage full of mice and a
backpack slung over his shoulder.  He was nervous.  He'd never been to the house of any of his crushes before.  This would
be a definite first.  In fact, he'd never been over another boy's house at all, except for his friend Jerry, but then Jerry was more
like a brother than a friend.  They'd known each other since kindergarten.  Besides, Jerry was straighter than a ruler and quite
popular with the ladies, if all of his boasting was to be believed.

He didn't have time to wait around, though he kept trying to think of excuses to leave.  It was January and it was freezing out
here.  And he was worried about how it would affect the mice.  His stomach fluttered as he pressed the doorbell and heard the
faint chime from inside the house.

Simon was the one who answered the door and ushered him quickly into the house.  "Come on, my room's upstairs," he said,
taking the cage from Kyle's hands.  He turned away, looking toward a door on the other side of the living area.  "Mom, Kyle's
here and we're going upstairs!" he shouted.

A trim woman came to stand in the doorway, drying her hands on a dishtowel.  She was pretty and Kyle could immediately see
where Simon got his good looks.  "Okay, hun.  It's nice to meet you, Kyle."  She smiled at him as he gave a polite greeting in
return.  "If you two want anything to eat, there's plenty of food in the fridge."

"Yes, Mom."

Simon jerked his head toward the stairs and Kyle obediently followed him, holding his arms around himself to ward off the cold
that still seeped into his bones.  He didn't like winter all that much.  No matter how bundled up he was, he always felt cold.

Simon used the side of his foot to gently push open a door that had been left ajar and led Kyle inside.  He set the cage of mice
down on a table that had obviously been cleared off just a little while ago - the chair next to it was piled with papers and
books.  "You thirsty?"

"Umm, yeah," Kyle replied as he tugged off his gloves and shoved them deep into his coat pockets.

The blonde smiled.  "All right.  Take your coat off and have a seat, I'll get us something."  He was out the door an instant later.

Standing there, Kyle looked around, letting his backpack slide off his shoulder and to the floor.  The room was a bit cluttered,
but it was nice.  It was bigger than Kyle's room.  All Kyle had was the bare necessities a bed, dresser and a desk, a bookcase
and a small entertainment center.  There was barely any room to fit it all.  But this room had the exact same things and yet
there was still room left over for a couple chairs and a low coffee table as well as the table which held the cage for the mice.  
Simon's entertainment center was bigger than Kyle's, as was the TV and stereo system it held.  And then there was the bed.  
Kyle just had a twin-size.  But Simon's had to be a queen at least.  

"Lucky bastard," Kyle muttered to himself as he unzipped his coat and slipped it off along with his scarf.  He draped them over
the back of the chair and looked around again, his eyes landing on the bed.

It was unmade, but it looked comfortable.  And there were pillows scattered about here and there, some even on the floor.  He
supposed they had fallen off.  He picked one up and tossed it onto the bed, then gave into temptation and let his fingers trail
across the sheets.  Kyle bit his lip as he sat on the very edge, feeling guilty for indulging himself like this.  But the bed was so
very comfortable.  He let out a sigh, his imagination running wild on him.  He wondered what it would be like to sit here with
Simon, and to do other, less chaste things on this bed with Simon.

As if the thought of him was enough to summon him, Simon appeared in the doorway and Kyle jumped to his feet.  He didn't
know if Simon had seen him sitting there, but the other boy didn't say anything, so Kyle assumed that he hadn't.

"Here," Simon said, holding out a glass.  "It's just milk, but it's all we had."

"It's fine," Kyle replied quietly, taking a small sip.

"Simon," the blonde's mother called.  "I'm taking your sisters to the mall.  When your father gets home, tell him to pick Charlie
up from Sammy's house."

"Yes, Mom!"  The sound of a pair of giggling girls and rushing feet fading away and a door closing downstairs signaled the
departure of Simon's sisters and mother.  Simon smiled.  "I guess we're all alone now."

Kyle nearly choked on his milk.  He coughed, his face turning red as he tried to contain himself.  When the fit subsided, he set
his glass down on the coffee table.

"You okay?" Simon asked, putting his own glass down.

Kyle nodded.  "Yeah, just went down the wrong way."

"Oh!  I almost forgot!"  

The blonde turned and pushed open a pair of sliding doors to reveal a cluttered closet.  He got down on his knees and started
rummaging around in the mess and Kyle couldn't help but focus his attention on that wiggling ass before him.  His face began
to heat up again and he made an effort to tug his heavy sweater down, to try and hide the telltale bulge that was quickly
growing in his jeans.  He took a seat and picked up his glass again, trying to look like he hadn't been thinking the most
perverted thoughts while Simon straightened up and turned to face him.

"I thought maybe we could use this," he said, holding a video camera in one hand and a large black bag in the other.  He
dropped into the other seat, and began going through the bag, tossing a few sealed DVDs onto the table.  He was setting up a
tripod when he spoke again.  "My dad got it for me for Christmas.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet.  You know, I thought
we could record them when we aren't able to be here to watch them ... or something."

Kyle liked that idea.  He didn't really want to spend all of his time watching mice.  And he doubted that he'd be allowed to come
here all hours of the day and night to do just that.  "Yeah, that's a good idea."

Simon smiled.  He picked up the camera and began fiddling with it, putting in a DVD and turning it on.  He aimed it at Kyle and
his smile widened.  "You wanna have some fun?"

The question made Kyle's heart thump loudly against his chest.  His throat instantly went dry and he raised his drink, only to
falter as the glass slipped out of his trembling hands.  The milk that he had been meaning to drink spilled out over his sweater
and jeans.  "Shit!" he cursed, jumping to his feet as the cold drink seeped through his clothes.  At least he had managed to
catch the glass before it fell to the carpet.

Simon set the camera down and was on his feet.  "Oh, man.  Here, you can put on something of mine," he offered, going to
his dresser and grabbing a couple of things.  He tossed the clothes on the bed.  "Go on and change while I get some towels to
clean that up."

Kyle shakily set the glass down, mumbling apologies and feeling like a complete idiot.

"That's okay.  No harm done."  Simon replied.  "I'll be right back."

Kyle watched as Simon left the room. He was still berating himself as he hastily pulled off his sweater and let it drop to the
floor. Surely Simon hadn't meant anything by his words. At least not what Kyle's mind had conjured. He kicked off his shoes
as he moved over to the bed, his hands fiddling with his belt. He had just popped the button and unzipped his fly when the door
opened and Simon stepped back inside. The sudden reappearance of his partner startled him and he had to fight back the urge
to grab a sheet and cover himself. He tried to keep himself calm, assuring himself that Simon wasn't looking at him as anything
but another guy.

He frowned in confusion as Simon stepped over to him though and was about to open his mouth when Simon grasped his
arms. All thought flew from his mind as he was yanked forward, the momentum bringing him against Simon's solid chest. He
gasped, and it was then that Simon kissed him. Kyle thought that he would melt then and there as the breath was stolen from
him. He sank into Simon's strong arms, his quivering fingers lightly clenching on the blonde's arms. He whimpered, opening his
mouth even though Simon did nothing to urge him on further, only wanting to taste the other boy better as he tentatively
touched the very tip of his tongue to the lips that had stolen his first kiss.

Simon broke away though and Kyle found himself stumbling to sit on the bed. "W-Why?" Kyle asked, shaking as he nervously
wrapped his arms around himself. He raised one hand to his lips, feeling confused.

A smile was on Simon's mouth as he sat on the bed beside Kyle. "Because you're just too damn adorable to resist." He lifted a
hand, sliding his fingers along Kyle's cheek. "I've been watching you for weeks, since the first day I started school here.
Before that, really. I was out shopping with my mom and I saw you with yours. And then when I found out we were in the
same school and even shared a few classes together, I was ecstatic, but also worried. I didn't know if you even liked guys like

"Then why ... why did you kiss me?" Kyle blinked, surprised by this confession.

"I didn't want to waste the opportunity I'd been given. Honestly, what's the chance of me ever getting you alone in my
bedroom when my three siblings and parents aren't home? It's not very likely. Someone's always here. And well ... well, I saw
the way you've been looking at me since class this morning and I was kinda hoping maybe you swung the same way I do."

Kyle ducked his head, biting his lip. He didn't know he'd been noticed. "Yeah. I guess I do," he whispered.

"So," Simon started, his fingers lightly tipping Kyle's chin up. "You wanna pick up where we left off and have a little fun?"

"Absolutely," he breathed in reply, his heart hammering in anticipation. "B-But I've never..."

Simon's fingers lightly touched his lips, silencing him. "Don't worry. I'll take good care of you."

Kyle nodded. He knew this was likely to be a one-night stand type of deal, but he couldn't find the will to care at the moment.
What did it matter if he was just another conquest for Simon? At least he'd get to lose his virginity to someone who was
fucking hot. It wasn't like he had all that many options anyway. He was so deeply in the closet, his own friends still tried to
hook him up with girls. He’d dated, but he preferred men and he knew it. And Simon was the first one to show any interest in
doing him, so he decided not to let the opportunity pass.

Simon jumped to his feet and hurried around his room. Kyle blushed darkly as the blonde dropped a box of condoms and a tube
of lube next to him. He picked up the box of condoms and looked at it, though he didn't actually read the words. He just needed
something to do or else he would go mad, or worse yet he'd chicken out and leave.

"Not that I think you've got any diseases or anything," Simon said, video camera in his hand. "But, you know, better safe than
sorry. And not everyone likes the feel of … well, semen in their ass. Or rather, dripping out…." He cleared his throat, his ears
tinged pink.

Kyle tried to smile, but didn't think he succeeded very well. He was far too nervous. He delicately set the box aside and
watched as Simon continued to toy with the camera. "What are you doing?"

Simon shrugged as he set the device on the tripod. "Just a bit of fun. Don't worry, no one will see it, I swear." He flipped open
the LCD screen and aimed the camera toward the bed, fiddling with different buttons until he grinned up at Kyle. "You look
fucking hot on camera."

That was enough to set Kyle's face on fire again. He could swear that even his toes were blushing right about now. He
nervously ran a hand through his hair and fumbled with his glasses, though he hadn't needed to adjust them. He just needed to
do something with his hands.

Pressing one last button, Simon walked around the camcorder to join Kyle on the bed. He smiled as he sat, and dropped one
hand to rest on Kyle's jean-covered knee. "Come on, let's put on a good show," he whispered, slipping that hand around and
squeezing his inner thigh firmly.

Kyle gasped at the touch and Simon took the opportunity to plunder his mouth in the most searing kiss he had ever
experienced. Okay, so he'd only ever been kissed once before, and that kiss was by Simon as well, but it still rocked him to the
very core of his being. His eyes fluttered shut as he succumbed to Simon's will, falling to his side on the bed as the blonde's
hands guided him to lie down.

Simon crawled over him, nudging a knee between his thighs and bringing him further onto the bed in the process. Kyle moaned
as that knee brushed his groin. Simon repeated the movement, firmer this time and Kyle gasped at the sudden jolt of pleasure
racing up his spine.

The blonde backed away, a smile to his kiss-bruised lips. "God, you're so sensitive!" he chuckled, and then proceeded to strip
his shirt off. He chucked the garment to the floor and made quick work of doing the same with his jeans until Simon was left
just in his underwear.

Kyle found himself blushing darkly and brought his thumb to his mouth to chew on the nail. "I-Is that good or bad?" he asked,

"Good!" Simon said with a smile as he grabbed the top of Kyle's jeans. "Actually, it's great. You're gonna make the most
wonderful sounds, I'll bet!" He yanked Kyle's pants away, shoving them down his legs and off to the floor.

He leaned over Kyle, his fingers playing idly with the waistband of his underwear. "You are so hot. I don't think I can wait to
fuck you," he whispered into the brunette's ear.

Kyle shuddered, biting his lip as those words made his cock twitch. "Y-You won't hurt me though, right?" he asked, just
wanting to be sure.

"Of course I won't. I just ... well, I didn't want you to be disappointed with the lack of foreplay or anything." He pressed closer
to Kyle, the erection straining his briefs nudging against Kyle's thigh. "I just wanna pound into that fine ass of yours. I don't
think I'll even last long. Bet you're tight, a perfect virgin ass. Wonder if I'll even be able to squeeze myself in all the way."

Kyle bit his lip harder as a moan threatened to escape him. No one had ever talked to him like this. He loved it. He wanted to
hear it more. But more than that, he wanted Simon to follow through on his words. He wanted to feel that hard cock ramming
into him. He chanced a glance down and blinked, seeing the impressive tent Simon's shaft was making. He wondered if he'd
even be able to take all of that. Simon sure was well-endowed. But the sight didn't scare him. Simon had said he wouldn't hurt
him. Kyle believed him.

"Please ... Please?" Kyle whispered, curling his fingers around Simon's arm.

"Please, what?" Simon asked, a smirk curling one corner of his mouth. He leaned down until he was a mere breath away from
Kyle, close enough to steal another kiss if he wanted to.

Kyle swallowed. He didn't hesitate, even though he felt horribly embarrassed by all of this. Here he was, lying on another boy's
bed and all he was wearing were his underwear, socks and glasses. He felt completely vulnerable. "Fuck me. Please, fuck me,

"Now that's what I want to hear," Simon whispered. Without preamble, he pushed Kyle's underwear down to his knees,
leaving his legs trapped together.

He grabbed the tube of lubricant and popped it open, squeezing a good amount onto his fingers. Then those fingers were
brushing his anus. Slowly, at first, just lightly pressing against the skin in a teasing manner.

"Relax. I don't want to hurt you, but if you tense up ... well, it'll probably hurt. I'll try to go slow, okay?"

Kyle nodded. He wrapped his arms around the pillow beneath his head and clutched at it, trying to take long deep breaths as
one of Simon's fingers finally breached him.

It didn't hurt. Kyle was thankful for that. But it did feel weird. "It feels funny," Kyle whispered, grimacing. He didn't think he
cared much for this.

"It'll get better, I promise." He grunted, wriggling his finger around inside of Kyle a few seconds longer before adding a second

Kyle frowned. "It's uncomfortable." Honestly, it stung a little, too; but he was afraid to mention it. Maybe Simon would get
mad at him and stop. Maybe he'd kick Kyle out of the house. Kyle didn't want to chance it.

Simon didn't respond. Instead, he pressed his fingers in deep and moved them around, as if searching for something. Kyle was
about to ask what he was doing when those fingers brushed something that nearly made Kyle jump from the bed in shock. "W-
What was that?" he asked, his heart thumping against his ribcage.

"Prostate," Simon replied quickly, pressing against it again.

Kyle bucked his hips at the intense sensation, fisting his hands in the pillow.

Simon never relented. He pressed his fingers in, always hitting his prostate before drawing back, scissoring his fingers before
pushing back in and repeating the motion. Kyle was left to groan and writhe, wishing Simon would do something more. Time
and again, he tried to reach down and take his own length in hand, to ease the pressure building within him. Yet each time,
Simon brushed his hand away and playfully slapped his thigh or ass in reprimand.

"Behave," he uttered, breathless. "Just a little longer."

"Please, please ... now, please?" Kyle begged, pushing himself back against Simon's fingers.

"Not yet. Just a bit more," Simon replied, drawing his fingers out completely, much to Kyle's displeasure. Just as Kyle
whimpered at the loss, Simon's fingers returned. Freshly lubricated, they entered him, a third digit added this time.

Kyle gasped, trying to wriggle away. It burned this time. Not too badly, but it was unexpected.

Simon hushed him with a gentle hand along his spine. His warm lips caressed the nape of his neck, trailing down his back in
gentle pecks until they reached the small of his back. He licked there, making Kyle shudder and moan. The fingers inside of
him moved then, slowly but always steadily.

When Kyle began to push against them this time, Simon pulled them away, leaving Kyle feeling sadly empty. "I can't wait
anymore," he said in explanation. "I think I'll explode if I have to listen to your delicious moans anymore."

Kyle tried to turn over and offer himself up to the other boy, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. "No, I wanna do it
this way, with you facing the camera," he said, then scooted himself up behind Kyle's back.

Kyle looked at the camera with wide eyes and a fresh blush blossomed across his face. He'd forgotten about it. Lying this way,
on his side with Simon pressed so closely behind him, the camera was sure to see everything. He felt completely vulnerable, his
legs trapped together by the underwear still wrapped around his knees.

Simon caused all of those thoughts to vanish in an instant though at the merest sound of a condom wrapper being torn open.
Kyle turned, but his effort was stopped by Simon's hand. "Face the camera," he whispered, stroking his thumb along Kyle's

The brunette nodded, feeling weird with the knowledge that Simon was behind him right now putting on a condom. He hoped
it wouldn't hurt. He'd really rather his first time be enjoyable, at least a little bit anyway.

Something hard and thick wedged between his ass cheeks and Simon moaned huskily behind him. "You ready?" he asked, his
hard member sliding up and down, the head of his engorged dick pressing against Kyle's entrance before it slid up and away as
Simon pleasured himself by rubbing against the brunette's backside.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Kyle responded in all honestly.

Simon's arm wound below Kyle’s chest, his other hand moving between them, presumably to steady the blonde's heavy
member. He aligned himself, his cock ready and waiting to enter the smaller boy. With one rock of Simon's strong hips, the
brunette was breached.

Kyle whined, though he didn't know if it was all from pain. It didn't really hurt all that much. There was a burning, that was for
certain, but Simon had done an exceptional job with his prep work. It made Kyle wonder how many other times Simon had
done this. But he didn't wonder about it long. A moment later, Simon was sliding within him. Always, he moved with slow
precision. His hips rocked, in and out, always sliding in deeper with each thrust. He didn't rush, but kept his easy tempo, his
hand settling on Kyle's hip to keep him from moving either away or closer to the other boy.

"I knew you were tight," Simon commented. "But I didn't think you'd suck my cock in."

When Simon was fully seated, he gave Kyle a brief rest. The moment Kyle gave an experimental wriggle though, Simon began
to move.

It was slow at first, but the speed was soon taken up a notch. Kyle couldn't hold back his voice and cried out time and again as
Simon mercilessly assaulted his prostate with each sharp drive inward.

"Oh, God!" Kyle nearly screamed, twisting his hands in the pillowcase. "Oh, please! Simon! Stop, please! Stop or I'll come!" It
was going to end, far too soon for Kyle's liking. He didn't want to come so quickly.

"Then come," Simon panted, thrusting in harder. "I'm not through with you just yet."

Kyle tried to hold hack. Honestly, he did. But Simon never let up. Each strike against his prostate left Kyle moaning. He didn't
think he had ever been so hard in his life.

With one final strike to that bundle of nerves, Kyle was howling his release. His body convulsed, his seed shooting out over the
sheets on which he lay. He brought his hand up, biting harshly on his knuckles as Kyle struck his prostate again. His cock
twitched in reply, spurting one final burst of semen before he began to soften.

Behind him, Simon stilled. But it quickly became apparent to Kyle that Simon had not come yet. He was still thick and hard,
filling Kyle completely with his impressive endowment.

"Wanna come again?" Simon asked, pressing a kiss to Kyle's shoulder.

Kyle blinked, still trying to learn to breathe again as he came down from the greatest climax he'd ever had. His own hand paled
in comparison to this actual act. He didn't think it was possible to feel this good.

"W-What?" Kyle asked, his mind whirling. "Again?"

"I'll take that as a yes," Simon chuckled. He pulled himself free of Kyle's body and leaned over the other boy again. His lips
were hot and near-violent as they claimed the brunette's mouth. Forcing open his lips, he plunged his tongue inside, fucking his
mouth as he had fucked his body only moments before.

Kyle moaned, feeling the beginning twinges of arousal coiling in his stomach again. It didn't take much to get him hard, he
mused to himself.

Simon's hand pushed Kyle's underwear down further, finally tugging them completely off his legs. "Come on," he urged as he
broke away from the kiss.

He lay back on the bed and rearranged their positions. Kyle blushed yet again as he found himself resting on his knees,
straddling the blonde's muscular thighs. He looked back over his shoulder at the other boy - he was faced away from him - and
gave him a quizzical look.

"You'll like it. I'll go in deeper this way," he assured, running his hand up and down along Kyle's spine.

Kyle nodded and turned back around. He took a deep breath and raised himself up on his knees. Reaching between them, he
fumbled a bit until he found Simon's rock-hard cock and brought him to his previously stretched opening. Taking another
breath, he lowered himself until just the tip entered his body.

Behind him, Simon moaned. His fingers clenched and unclenched at Kyle's hips.

Grinning to himself and feeling a fleeting moment of boldness, Kyle dropped all of his weight. He gave a cry himself as all of
Simon's girth filled him. It was incredible. He'd never felt anything like it before. He didn't think anyone could feel so complete,
as he did at that very moment.

"Oh, god," Kyle whimpered, rolling his hips. He gripped his hand around his own shaft, slowly pumping it to hardness as he
made short rocking motions along Simon's member. He wanted this to last. But his body wanted it hard and fast. He didn't
know what to do.

"Lift yourself up," Kyle urged. "Or I'll start slamming into you myself. You're killing me here with all this teasing."

Kyle nodded and did as he was told. He lifted himself and allowed his weight to fall again, feeling a spark of satisfaction when
Simon grunted in appreciation. He repeated the motion, again and again, stroking himself in time.

"I'm so close," Simon groaned, his hands rising to Kyle's waist. "Never had such a good fuck." He gripped harder still and as
Kyle was falling against him he slammed his own hips upward.

Kyle's body was jolted forward and he gripped Simon's legs just above his knees as the blonde began a series of brutal thrusts
that left Kyle screaming for more. "Go harder!" he barked out, pushing backward even though his thighs quivered with the

Simon complied, using his hands to move Kyle as he pleased. His thrusts were short, but fast. Kyle moaned near constantly,
his own hand moving back to his aching cock to stroke with the feverish desire to come along with his lover.

He felt it approaching. He could feel it in his belly, in his toes, in every inch of his body. He never wanted this to end.

Simon let go of Kyle with one hand and reached around. He pushed aside Kyle's hand and curled his fingers around his shaft,
wasting no time as he gripped him firmly and began to stroke him. Kyle could do nothing more than hold on as Simon took

The blonde slammed into Kyle hard, his fingers fast and merciless. Every now and again his thumb would brush the head,
spreading the collecting wetness around and lubricating his violently fast pumps. Kyle couldn't hold back his cries. Everything
Simon did was perfect. Every move, every touch. Everything reduced Kyle to a whimpering mass.

Finally, Kyle could take no more. With a final wail, he came for the second time. His back arched, his body bowing back as a
jet of pearly liquid spewed forth in wave after wave of tumultuous rapture.

Simon thrust one last time, driving himself to the hilt within the other boy, his own seed filling the condom he had graciously
worn. They rocked together, Simon undulating his hips to steal away every last vestige of pleasure he could get as his hand
coaxed a few remaining droplets to spurt from Kyle's softening prick.

As Simon's hand fell away, Kyle collapsed, his chest colliding with Simon's legs. He grimaced as Simon slipped his spent length
from within him, the other youth eased himself to lie with his chest to Kyle‘s back. Kyle completely forgot about the camera,
which was at this moment filming them.

Now, he wondered if he'd be cast aside. Simon was probably done with him now, another conquest to add to his collection. It
was obvious that he'd had sex before. Kyle was just another virgin to add to his list.

"You okay?" Simon asked, his hand stroking up and down along Kyle's shoulder. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No, I'm not hurt." Kyle shook his head, keeping himself facing away from Simon. He didn't think he could take it if he looked
at the other boy now.

"Great!" Simon exclaimed, his warm body easing up against Kyle's. He wrapped his arms around the brunette's body, pulling
him back against his chest. "I was thinking maybe after this project is over we could go out. You know, to a movie or
something. I don't know what's playing, but there's gotta be something we'd both like."

Kyle blinked in surprise and uneasily turned in Simon's arms to face the other boy. "You ... you want to go out? With me?"

Simon looked confused by Kyle's question. "Of course, why wouldn't I? I told you I've had a crush on you. Did you think I
only wanted you for sex?"

Kyle shrugged. "Well, yeah actually."

"Silly." He kissed the tip of Kyle's nose. "I want more than just sex. Okay, sex is a BIG part of it. But I want the whole deal.
Movies, dates, all that crap. Want to try?"

Kyle giggled, pushing his glasses up on his nose. "Okay, I suppose we could give it a shot."

He leaned close and kissed his lover, looking forward to all the other kisses they'd have in the future.

The End