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Notes:  Kyle wonders why Simon never called.

Warnings:  Sex ahead.  M/M intercourse.

Secret Admirer

Kyle sighed as the school bell rang and glanced over to where Simon was quickly getting up.  Since the project's conclusion a
few weeks ago, he hadn't heard anything from the blonde.  'What did you expect? You figured on it being just a fling.'  He
stood up just as quickly as Simon had and left the room.  The expectation of rejection didn't dull the pain of this harsh reality
and he had no desire to face Simon again.  He was dreadfully embarrassed about the whole incident even if he wasn't sorry
about it.  The sex had been mind blowing to say the least.  He had that to remember, if nothing else.

"Hey Kyle!  Hang on a moment!"

Kyle turned and managed a smile for his best friend, Jeremy.  "Hey, Jerry."

"'Hey'?  That's all I get?  A half-hearted 'Hey'?"  Jeremy shook his head and gave Kyle a playful shove.  "What's up?  Girl
troubles?"  This said with a suggestive tone and a waggling of dark eyebrows.

Kyle sighed and shook his head.  "No.  Just ... I don't know.  Down in the dumps, maybe?"  He got to his locker and started
spinning the lock. "You ever get that way?"

Jerry nodded and leaned up against the lockers next to Kyle's.  "Yeah, after I have to break a sweet young girl's heart."

That got a chuckle out of Kyle.  Jerry wasn't that popular, but he seemed to have a way with girls.  "Yeah, yeah ... whatever.  
Hey, how did you do on the history exam?"  He opened his locker and blinked.  "What the ...?"  He reached in and pulled out a
box.  "Did you put this here?"

Jerry frowned and shook his head.  "Why in the world would I leave a little gift in your locker?  If I wanted to give you
something, I'd give it to you.  Besides, you're just not my type."  Then he smirked.  "Did you finally catch some pretty girl's
eye?  Who's it from?"

Kyle frowned as he turned it over in his hands.  He didn't know whether to feel pleased or annoyed.  There was no tag so there
was no way of knowing who had left it in his locker.  "Oh, this is ridiculous!  Who would leave something in my locker?"  He
ripped the plain blue paper off of the package and frowned even deeper.  It was a sampler box of chocolates.

Jerry snickered.  "Girl must have gotten the wrong locker!  Anyone who knows you would know that you don't like that
stuff.  Either that, or your good looks have just caught someone's eye who doesn't know you very well."

Kyle rolled his eyes and shook his head.  "Here, you can have them.  Maybe give them to the next girl you want to catch."

Jerry laughed and took the box.  "What?  And share good candy?  Hell no, buddy!"  He ripped the plastic off the box and
opened it.  "Here's a caramel."

Kyle accepted the chocolate and shook his head. The only ones he liked out of those boxes were the chocolate covered
caramels.  He didn't know why.  He just preferred caramel over most flavors.  "How do you know what's what in this thing?"

Jerry popped a different chocolate in his mouth and grinned. "Experience!"  He closed the box and turned away.  "See you
tomorrow unless you wanna hang out."

Kyle shook his head.  "I have a report due in a few days and I need to research for it."

"Just BS your way through it!  You can do it better than anyone else."

Kyle snorted.  "I would NEVER fake a report and you know it."  He shook his head and got his books out in preparation to go
home.  He closed the locker and turned, only to freeze when he saw Simon closing his own locker not too far away.  He
nodded to the blonde and turned away.

"Hey! Kyle?" Simon called.

Kyle walked faster. He would have run if it wouldn't mean a detention.


After school the next day, Kyle eyed the contents of his locker with a scowl.  Leaning up against one of the sides of the locker
was an innocent-looking heart-shaped box of what had to be candy.

"Oooo, the locker stalker is at it again?"

Kyle rolled his eyes at the pathetic joke.  "Locker stalker?  I really do not like-" He frowned as he pulled out the box and saw
that the box was labeled as being filled with chocolate covered caramels. "Well, okay.  I DO like caramels."

Jerry laughed and shook his head. "Oh, man.  Then it must be someone not too far off who overheard our conversation
yesterday.  Your secret admirer was hanging around to see your reaction."

Kyle sighed and looked around, but got no clues.  After all, the vast majority of the students liked to hang around after the last
bell for a few minutes until going home or to various after-school activities.  "Get serious.  Someone's probably going through
a warehouse distribution center's variety pack."

Jerry chuckled and waved his hands.  "Oh, magical locker, let it be known that Kyle's favorite band is Three Day's Grace and
he would love to get their most recent CD."

Kyle lightly smacked Jerry's arm.  He'd already bought that CD once, but Jerry had lost it when he'd borrowed it.  "Cut it out!  
So, did you save any of that candy from yesterday for a special someone?"

Jerry shook his head. "Nah.  Right now the only lady in my life is WAY too young for me.  Even I have my limits."

Kyle sighed and looked at the box of candy in his hand.  "This is ridiculous.  I'll take them, but I don't have much of a sweet
tooth.  This box will last me for at least a month."  He looked over and saw Simon looking at him.  A fresh wave of pain and
embarrassment washed over him, and he cleared his throat, turning his eyes back to Jerry.  "You wanna come over to my
place and study?"

Jerry frowned and glanced over to Simon himself.  "Is that guy bugging you, Kyle?"

Kyle shook his head.  "No ... no.  Look, forget I offered.  See you on Monday!"  He quickly walked away, again ignoring when
Simon called out to him.


Simon frowned in disappointment as Kyle walked away.  He really wanted to talk to the brunette, but Kyle seemed dead set
against even looking at him.  He sighed as he shoved his books into his bag.  They felt heavier today for some reason.  Maybe
it was just because everything was going so wrong.  Kyle was supposed to be finding all these gifts touching, not annoying.  
Was he doing it wrong?  Maybe he should try giving the dark-haired boy something else.  That CD?  Flowers?  No, flowers
were too feminine.

His thoughts were interrupted by a hand slamming into the locker next to where he was standing.

"What the hell did you do to him to make him run off like that?"

Simon recognized the youth that Kyle had called "Jerry" and sighed with a shrug. "We worked together on a project and I
promised to call him." He rolled his eyes. "Problem is, I never got his number and things happened at home, so ..."

Jerry immediately sighed and relaxed. "So he thinks you just ditched him." He shook his head. "Okay, I'm gonna leave you
alone and try to nudge him. Just give him some time and keep trying to talk to him. He'll eventually realize that you didn't just
give him the brush off." He started walking away and then glanced over his shoulder. "The CD is a good start, by the way. I'll
see if I can give you a list of some of the things he likes Monday. If you're going to give him stuff, might as well be stuff he'll

Simon chuckled and nodded. "Thanks. I really appreciate it. I was kinda embarrassed about the candy and was about to buy
him flowers."

Jerry laughed at that. "Just make sure you include something else so he keeps at least ONE thing. Take care."

Simon watched Jerry go with a feeling of relief. He had someone who knew Kyle on his side. More than that, the familiarity
and protectiveness bespoke of a friendship that came close to brotherhood. With a happy whistle, he packed up his backpack
and headed out to go to the mall. He had a CD to buy.


Kyle stood staring at his locker door a good full minute before he raised his hand to the latch. It had been a week since the
presents had started arriving. A week's worth of candies, CDs, love notes and even flowers. He had been quite surprised when
he had opened his locker yesterday to find a small pot of daisies. How anyone had found daisies in January had stumped him.  
And still, after all of this, he had no idea who was leaving this stuff for him.

"You going to stand there all day, or are you going to open it?" Jerry asked, his voice amused.

"Laugh it up. You wouldn't find it so funny if someone was doing this to you." He turned the object over in his hands.

Jerry laughed out loud. "Funny? Fuck no. I'd find it romantic as all Hell and want to find the person doing it so we could do the
Mattress Mambo." He tilted his head. "So ... what is it this time? A magazine subscription? A gift card to your favorite store?"

Kyle opened the gift to reveal ... a DVD. It was a plain DVD, the kind you could use to make movies using a computer or a
DVD recorder. There was nothing else in the case except a small note stating the duration of the video and a request that he
watch it in its entirety that night. "What the ...?"

Jerry let out a small sound. "Maybe your secret admirer is going to come out into the open?" He poked Kyle. "You're going to
watch it, right? I mean, what do you have to lose except for ..." He looked at the sticky note again. "Three minutes?"

Kyle sighed and flipped the DVD and sticky note over a couple of times, but there were no further clues to be found. The note
was actually printed on an address label which was placed on the yellow piece of paper sticking to the inside of the DVD case.
"Yeah ... I'll watch it." He felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise and he looked up to see Simon walking in his direction.
With a speed that surprised even himself, he closed his locker and zipped his bag before running out of the school.


Later that evening, Kyle closed his textbook with a satisfying thud and put the last of his homework into his folder. It was
Friday, so he could have waited to do his homework. He had learned at an early age, however, that he preferred to get it done
on Friday so he could have the whole weekend to himself. The same went for when he had to write a report. He got it done
quickly so he didn't have to worry about it later.

As he was putting his books into his backpack, his eyes fell on the DVD. He pulled it out and looked it over again. With a
shrug, he put it into his DVD player and turned on his TV. He blinked when, as soon as the DVD loaded, an image of the last
minute of his losing his virginity to Simon was played. His eyes widened and he felt his face get hot when he remembered that
Simon had video taped them together. He was about to take the disk out of the player and break it when the image changed to
show Simon's face.

"Kyle ... if you're still watching this, then I want you to know that what we did together meant something." He blushed. "It
meant a lot to me, more than you know." He took a deep breath and let it out. "I've been needing to talk to you, but you've been
avoiding me. If you're still watching this, and you're watching on Friday night like I asked, then please meet me in the public
library tomorrow at about noon. We can go someplace else after that so we can talk, or we can go our separate ways after
that." He reached towards the camera, and then paused. "Kyle, I'll wait all day if I have to. Please come." With that, the image
went black and the default menu popped up.

Kyle took the disk out and regarded it quietly a moment before carefully returning it to its sleeve and placing it in his desk with
the other mysterious gifts he'd been getting. Now that he knew who had been sending them, he felt oddly touched and

The gifts were from someone who obviously cared enough to discover his tastes, but then why had Simon avoided him after
that night? Why hadn't he even called? These were questions he wanted answers to. But did he want to see Simon so soon?
After only a moment of thought, he had his answer. If for no other reason than to get his answers, he had to go. The only
problem he had was ... what was he going to wear?

It was a problem he fretted over the rest of the day until he went to sleep, and then again first thing in the morning after he
showered thoroughly. At ten, he started getting dressed in the clothes he wore to family dinners and then stopped and smacked
himself in the head. "Moron! You're going to the public library, not to the Ritz."

He yanked the nice slacks off and pulled out his favorite pair of jeans and a T-shirt. He dressed quickly and fixed his hair as
best as he could. "Ugh! Vidal Sassoon couldn't tame this rat's nest!" He cleaned his glasses and started bundling up. He put on
his favorite turtle neck sweater, a jacket and his warm coat. Then he pulled out his scarf and wrapped it around his neck. Then
he donned his earmuffs, hat, and gloves. With a final flip, the hood of his coat covered his head and he stepped out into the
chilly air. He sighed when he saw a few graceful flakes flutter to the ground. 'Great ... snow!' He took a deep breath and
headed in the direction of the library. 'At least had taken a cue from the more popular book stores and opened up a cafe.'


Simon stood just inside the library and watched the few people brave enough to face the cold to enter and leave the library.
There were a few adults and even fewer kids. He looked at his watch ... 11:55. He'd meant what he had said in the DVD. He'd
wait all day, and had mentioned to his parents that he might be out all day. It wasn't something he wanted to do, but he kept his
word. He frowned as the snowfall started to get heavier. Maybe it had been a bad idea to meet someplace so far from Kyle's
home. "I should've asked him to call me." Then he shook his head. Talking face to face was better. He was starting to doubt
himself when he saw a single bundled-up form almost running towards the library. His heart leaped to his throat as the figure
bolted inside and walked straight to him.

Two gloved hands reached up and pushed the hood back and a timid smile bloomed on Kyle's cold-flushed face. "Uhmm ... I'm
not late, am I?"

Simon almost wept. Kyle was flushed from the cold and shivering terribly. "No ... come on. I'll get you something warm to
drink. You look chilled to the bone." He gently took Kyle's elbow and led him towards the cafe. Mostly because Kyle's glasses
had fogged up. "Now ... what would you like? Coffee? Tea? Anything?" He sat Kyle down at a booth directly in line with a vent
so the heat would blow against him.

Kyle was taking off the layers of outerwear and placing them beside him on the booth. "Uhmmm ... cocoa would be nice,
thank you."

Simon nodded and stepped back, noting that the flush of Kyle's face wasn't entirely due to the cold. He needed to get away for
a second or he'd yank Kyle into his arms and kiss the other boy senseless. 'Slowly, Simon ... you'll just spook him if you move
too quickly.' He smiled at the serving woman by the cash register. "One coffee, black with sugar, one hot chocolate with the
works and two chocolate chip cookies." He looked over to where Kyle was peeling off a turtleneck sweater and smiled.

"Here you go. You're lucky. I was just about to close down and head home. Looks to be a real blizzard starting out there.
You'd better get ready to head out of here yourself, young man." The server handed him a tray holding a paper plate and two
large foam cups.

Simon accepted the refreshments with a grateful smile. "Thanks. We'll leave in a while." Hopefully together. He took a deep
breath and walked back to the table, placing the tray in front of Kyle. That done, he sat down across from the other boy and
swallowed. "Well ..."

Kyle nibbled at the cookie, looking as awkward as Simon felt. "So ... you ... uhh ... you wanted to talk?" He frowned and
stared at his cocoa.

Simon felt bad about that, so decided to make the opening for him. "I suppose you have some questions."

Kyle nodded. "Yeah." He was quiet a moment. "Why all the secrecy?"

Simon chuckled ruefully. "If you had known, at the beginning, that the gifts were from me, would you have accepted them?"

Kyle frowned and shook his head. "No, I suppose not. But why? If ... if that meant something to you-"

Simon looked away and sighed. "Why wasn't I around and why didn't I call you?"

Kyle nodded. "Yeah!"

Simon looked back at Kyle and made sure the other boy could see the truth of his words. "Well, it's kind of embarrassing to
admit, but I never actually got your number. As for seeming to avoid you, bad circumstances just kept coming up." He ticked
off with his fingers. "I've had detention, so I got grounded, then my sister got sick and had to be hospitalized so I was needed
at home because my parents needed to visit her. I thought it would be better to wait until things settled down before talking to
you. It wasn't until it was too late when I realized that there was a serious error in my judgment. By then you were avoiding me
and I couldn't get two words out." He let out a breath. "You know, you've got a really good friend in Jerry. He was about to
punch my lights out before I explained things and then he gave me pointers."

Kyle blinked and then comprehension dawned in his features. "I had wondered why he seemed to know something." He sipped
at his cocoa and looked out the window. "So, now what do we do?"

Simon laughed quietly and held up his cell phone. "Well first ... I'd like to have your number so I can call you."

Kyle chuckled, shaking his head. "Only if I get yours in return." He leaned slightly to the side and dug into the pocket of his
jeans. He pulled out his cell phone and flipped it open.

Simon was smiling as he stored Kyle's number in his phone. Kyle was grinning as well as he did the same. He sipped at his
coffee as he watched Kyle. Everything about the brunette made Simon's heart beat just a little faster. From the way he nudged
his glasses further up his cute nose, to the adorable way he nibbled around the edge of his cookie. It simply left Simon thankful
that he was being gifted with this second chance.

They were finished their drinks long before Simon realized it. The cookies were also gone, though Simon couldn't remember
taking a bite of his.

"Excuse me," a soft voice spoke up. Simon turned his head, to see the server from earlier standing there. "I'm sorry, but the
storm's bad enough that the library's being closed early."

"Thanks." He looked to Kyle and flashed him a warm smile. "Guess you're going to have to get all bundled up again."

"I don't like the cold," Kyle muttered.

Simon reached across the table, settling his hand over Kyle's. "C'mon, I'll give you a ride home. At the very least you'll stay

Kyle blushed, the pink tinge coloring his cheeks and reaching up to his ears. His fingers twitched under Simon's palm before he
turned his palm up and traced his fingers along Simon's skin. "W-Will you really?" He cleared his throat, his blush darkening.
"Get me warmed up?"

Simon felt his breath catch in his throat. He'd never heard Kyle utter anything so forward before, hadn't thought him capable of
it actually. Kyle was relatively shy when it came to intimacy. He was more the type to follow where he was led, especially
during sexual encounters. The way he blushed was truly adorable, endearing.

He cleared his throat, smiling. "Absolutely. Anything you want."

Kyle lowered his eyes shyly. He tugged his hand away, shakily pushing his chair back and standing. "Let's get out of here then."

Simon stood as well and helped Kyle get into the layers of clothing so they could get out of there quickly. "Here you go.  Warm
enough?" He took great care with the scarf.

Kyle chuckled ruefully. "Yeah ... now. But I'll be freezing three seconds after we leave."

Simon wrapped an arm around Kyle's shoulders. "It's a good thing I'm parked really close, then." He didn't like the cold all that
much, either. Plus he was looking forward to warming Kyle up like he promised to. He waved at the librarian as they
approached the door. He barely heard the woman wish him a good day as he led Kyle outside. Almost as soon as they were
outside, the smaller boy started shivering. "Wow ... you weren't kidding. Come on. My car is right over here." He rushed to his
car, being careful not to slip. He unlocked the passenger door first and let his companion get out of the rising winds before
hustling over to his own door. He grabbed the scraper that was sitting on the dashboard and quickly brushed the snow off both
windshields and entered the car himself. It was a quick drive back to his house and the heat didn't kick on until they were
almost there.  Once they were parked in front of Simon's house, he turned off the car and pulled Kyle into his arms.

"I d-don't suppose you could k-keep the heat on?"

Laughing with affectionate amusement, Simon kissed Kyle's bright red nose and shook his head. "I'd have to keep the car
running. You seem to absorb the cold."

There was a snort before there was a response. "Always have. I hate the cold, but there's nothing I can do about it except
wear two to three layers and deal with it."

"You have me now."  Simon smiled, brushing his fingers along one cold cheek.  "I'll keep your body heat up."

Kyle's cheeks flushed with warmth.

"See, it's working already."

His blush only deepened.  "I'm always-" he swallowed, "always hot when you're around."  He swallowed again and smiled
shakily.  He dropped his head, raising a hand to his forehead.  "I can't believe I said that."

It was rather corny, but Simon considered it endearing.  Actually, it was really turning him on.  Then again, just about anything
Kyle did turned him on.  Just the way he smiled was enough to get Simon's cock twitching in response.

Rather than use more words to try and ease the tension, Simon cut through it all with one simple action.  He kissed Kyle,
silencing his worries and distracting him from his normally hesitant behavior.  He was pleased when Kyle responded with an
enthusiasm Simon had once believed was only reserved for his studies.  He was eager for so much since he had missed the
brunette greatly.  Circumstances had just been against them getting together.  He wanted to make up for the time lost, wanted
to show just how much he desired him.  His main problem was that he had nothing by the way of supplies.  Oh, he had a
condom - almost every guy he knew carried one around in their wallet - but he didn't go around with lube in his pocket.  He
really didn't want to hurt Kyle and going dry would be downright painful.

"I can't tell you how much I want you.  Right here and right now," he said, driving his fingers into Kyle's messy dark hair,
holding his head still as he plunged his tongue past those tempting lips again.

Kyle shocked him by pressing him back into the driver's seat and awkwardly straddling him.  It had to be difficult and
uncomfortable with the steering wheel, but he was so skinny that he managed it.  Simon had a brief thought that maybe he
should help put some meat on the brunette's wiry frame.  But the thought flew away almost as quickly as it had come.  He
dropped his hands, gripping one slim shoulder as his other hand drifted down along his side until he came to the hem of his
shirt and slid up beneath it to feel his bare warm skin.

"What's stopping you?" Kyle breathed as their mouths broke apart, a frail line of saliva connecting their lips.  He fumbled
around on the side of the seat until the back abruptly fell back into a full recline and Simon found himself on his back staring up
at that flushed face.  "I think we've lost enough time because of misunderstandings."

He almost didn't recognize Kyle.  Where was the shy, timid former virgin he had taken to his bed?  Where had this lustful
sex-hungry vixen come from?  Simon didn't know what had brought on the change, but he liked it.  "No lube."  He gasped as
Kyle's cold hands shoved beneath his shirt and swept across his abdomen.  "I don't want to hurt you in any way."

Though blushing, Kyle was fumbling with Simon's pants.  His cheeks reddened further when they were open.  "You've got a
condom, right?"  At Simon's nod, Kyle leaned over and nibbled on his ear.  "As for lube-"  He dug into his own pocket while he
unfastened his pants.  "Even with gloves, my skin gets horribly dry during the winter."  He pulled out a tube of some sort.  "It's
not KY, but it'll work, right?"

Simon took the little bottle and flipped it over in his hands.  It was just a basic moisturizer.  "Yeah, this should work."  He
leaned up and kissed Kyle again.  "Fucking brilliant."  He uneasily retrieved his wallet and blindly searched through it while
sucking and nibbling at Kyle's pale throat.  Somehow he came up with the condom he kept in there and tossed the wallet in a
random direction.

In a blur, clothes were shed until Kyle was naked above him, his pants and underwear twisted up around his ankles.  His shirt
was somewhere in the back seat.  Their coats and sweaters were piled up on the passenger seat.  Simon was feeling pretty
overdressed, considering he was still wearing both his pants and his shirt.  But the thought was easily forgotten with the way
Kyle was wriggling over him while tearing a condom wrapper open with his teeth.  The reason for the brunette's writhing was
explained by the three fingers currently stretching out his tempting ass.  That moisturizer had been perfect, making Simon's
patient prep work relatively easy.  Having Kyle so eager for his cock didn't make it difficult either.

Kyle's entire body shook with one sharp press of Simon's fingers and the condom slipped from his teeth.  "Fuck!" he gasped,
dropping his hands and running them over Simon's body in search for the lost prophylactic.

Simon grinned, pulling his fingers out to the delight of watching his lover.  "You may want to try looking lower," he offered,
wiping his hand off on his own pants.  He'd felt the wrapper scrape against his bare skin, just above the waistband of his

That blush was going to be a permanent fixture on the brunette's face if he kept going such a dusky rose every time Simon
made so much as a comment alluding to sex.  It was adorable though.  With his hands shaking and a nervous grin, Kyle trailed
his hands down Simon's body until he picked up the torn wrapper.  Then lower still to suggestively palm the youth's hard
member through the restricting cloth of his shorts.  Kyle's own member jutted out proudly and with a smirk, Simon returned
the favor and ran his fingers lightly along the underside.

Kyle bit his lip and moaned, his fingers clenching in Simon's clothes, one tightening a bit around the heavy length straining
under the boxers.  He was sweating and it made his skin glisten like magic in the faint light that reached the car from the light
on Simon's porch.  "S-Stop.  I want ... I want you inside before I c-come."

Those words alone were enough to make the blonde's cock jump in eager anticipation.  He smirked, ignoring the youth and
doing it again.  He loved every little shudder that ran through that slender body, the sound of his wanton moan as he bowed
over Simon's body.  "I'd rather watch you writhe in pleasure," Simon whispered, leaning up to swipe Kyle's lips with his
tongue, "before I fuck you."

Kyle practically growled as he slammed his lips into Simon's.  He knocked away the blonde's hands and swiftly removed the
boxers that were in his way.  Simon's back arched as his cock sprang free of the cloth and he grabbed Kyle's upper arms.  The
light grip didn't stop the other boy from ripping apart the rest of the wrapper and easing the condom down around his rigid

The slighter man rose up on his knees and broke away from the heated kiss.  He eased forward and aligned his own opening
with the blonde's manhood.  "Fuck me now," he commanded near breathlessly and then carelessly dropped his weight.

Simon grit his teeth at the sudden heat that enveloped his manhood.  He grabbed a hold of Kyle's ass with both hands, holding
him close and tightly to him.  Kyle's mouth was open in a silent cry, and for a moment it didn't seem as if he were breathing.  
Then he collapsed against his lover, his body wracked with deep shudders.

"D-Don't move," he breathed, his elbows on Simon's chest, his forehead pressed to one of the blonde's shoulders.

Simon smirked and rocked his hips.  "Aw, but I thought you wanted me to fuck you."  He punctuated this with another sharp
rocking motion.

Kyle shook his head, gasping at the movement.  "I'll come ... fuck, I'm gonna come."

He dug his fingers into Kyle's sweet ass, but held himself back from thrusting up into that enveloping heat.  "Alright.   Let me
know when I can move."  He kissed his lover's shoulder, then licked at the delectable salty skin.

It was an eternity before Kyle finally gave an experimental movement with his hips.  Simon took that as all the consent he
needed and returned the favor by repeating it.  "Can't wait no more, you're just so fucking tight ... so hot."  He pried those
cheeks apart and pushed up fast, forcing the slight man to take him in as deeply as possible.

Kyle bit Simon's shoulder to stop a cry, but couldn't suppress the heavenly moan.  "Oh, God!  Fuck, fuck me more."

Simon didn't stand a chance at refusing.  "I'm not going to last long.  I've wanted you so much.  You don't know how many
times I jerked off to that DVD we made."  He made swift, short movements, keeping his cock deeply buried in that ass.  They
didn't really have the space for anything fancy, and judging by the harsh sounds coming from the brunette, it wouldn't take
much more to send him over the edge.

"Do me harder," he grunted, struggling against Simon's hands to try and lift himself off of Simon further than he was being

Simon grinned.  "You want hard?  Then ride me, baby."  He struck one pert cheek swiftly and marveled at the shocked
expression that swept across Kyle's face as he jerked upward.  His eyes danced behind his glasses, a deep blush quickly
spreading as a faint smile twitched his lips.  So, this little horn dog liked getting his ass spanked?  Simon decided to hold on to
that information for a later time.

Kyle pressed his hands to Simon's shoulders, shakily raising himself up and dropping again.  Simon slid his hands over sweaty
skin, gripping his hips to guide his movements.  With the brunette's next downward movement, he rocked up into him and tore
a short wail of pleasure from this throat.  It swiftly spiraled from there.  Coherent speech was lost.  The only sounds in the car
were Simon's grunts and Kyle's rasping exclamations, his lustful moans and wavering cries.  Soon, the slender youth was
bouncing as swiftly as he could, his nails digging into Simon's shoulders with enough force to break the skin.  Simon couldn't
stop himself, driving up as hard as he could, wishing this moment could last forever.  Kyle was beyond hot, more than
beautiful.  His body moved with a sinuous grace, his every heaving breath reaching straight into Simon's soul and wrapping
around it like a vice.

"Coming," Kyle panted, repeating it over and over until with a bawl of ecstasy he came, decorating Simon's t-shirt with viscous
white stripes.

Simon couldn't hold back.  The moment Kyle's lithe body began to spasm he was dragged across as well, his seed spewing
forth in a torrent into the condom.  He pulled Kyle close, feeling another spurt of the brunette's essence issue forth, this time
reaching high enough to smack his chin and neck.  The feeling wasn't pleasant, but he didn't mind too much since it was Kyle.  
It wasn't like Kyle could help were his fluids shot anyway.

They rode the cresting tides together.  Simon's arms were around his lover's sweaty body as the flood of passion receded.  
Still, even though they had come down off the insurmountable high, he couldn't let go.  He wanted this moment to last.  Kyle
seemed just as reluctant to move.  His head was pressed up underneath Simon's chin, his arms were like limp noodles around
the blonde's frame.  He seemed positively spent.  It brought a smile to Simon's face.

"Shouldn't we go in now?" Kyle finally asked after his breathing had returned to normal.

"I like having you in my arms.  Can't do that inside."

Kyle lifted up off of Simon's chest.  "Well, we should still get inside."  A faint touch of rose colored his cheeks and ears.  "We
can ... I mean, you can hold on to me when we go to sleep."

Simon smiled again.  "You're a genius."  He helped Kyle off of his limp member, holding the condom on himself as the other
boy moved.

They got dressed as quickly as they could.  Simon removed the condom and tied it off.  It took a moment to figure out what to
do with it after that.  With no other option, he grabbed an old fast food wrapper from the floor and wrapped the used condom
in it, then stuffed it into his coat pocket.  All he could do about the semen staining his shirt was to cover it up with his
sweatshirt, wiping his face off with a sleeve.

"Ready?"  He looked over and almost laughed.  Kyle was almost covered head-to-toe, just as when they'd left the library.  "The
car's not that far from the house."

"Let's go," he grumbled, grabbing the door handle.

By the time they reached the house, Kyle was shivering as if he hadn't worn a coat at all.  Hell, his teeth were chattering.  
Simon quickly bustled his lover into the house.

"Mom, I'm home!" he called out, brushing the snow off of himself as Kyle was doing the same.  "Kyle's here!  It's snowing so
hard, I didn't want to risk driving around!  Is it okay if he stays over?"

"Of course it is!"  His mother came into the front room, all smiles and welcome hugs.  "Oh, you look like a pair of frozen hot
dogs.  Go on up and get changed into something warm and dry."  She gave Kyle a warm look.  "Simon's clothes might hang
off you, but it's better than nothing.  Make sure you call your parents and let them know where you are.  I'd hate for them to

Kyle was still shaking while Simon hung up their coats.  The blonde clapped him on the shoulder and took him upstairs.  They
were changed into pajamas and tucked into his warm bed within two hours.  Mom had wanted to make sure Kyle got
something hot to eat before bed and Simon had been ravenous himself so they'd had a quick meal after Kyle made his phone

Simon had locked his bedroom door behind them and wrapped his arms around Kyle as soon as they were laying down.  He
was just happy to be able to spend time with his lover again.  Even if they couldn't do anything with Simon's family home, it
was good enough just to hold him in his arms again.

The End